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How to recruit the right sales people into your business

group of sales people with handshake in front of themFinding and keeping quality sales people is not the easiest task for any company. Before you hire any new staff you need to first discover what motivates sales people to succeed within your organisation so that you can ensure their intentions are aligned to your company.    (Read more…)

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How to qualify your sales prospects

salesman thinking about questions to ask

The mistake that is most common throughout the sales industry is that, sale consultants think they know what their clients want rather than ask. By asking the right questions you will not only uncover your clients buying strategy but most importantly find out if you can deliver on what they are looking for. (Read more…)

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How to build a sales process

a series of coloured cogsIn today’s world, time seems to be going faster than ever before. By the end of the day we look back at the ‘To Do’ list we had at the beginning of the day and see it is now longer than the one we started with. (Read more…)

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How to build Rapport in Sales

Salesman holding out his hand to welcome clientIt’s surprising that there are so many sales people these days selling products without first building rapport.

They are missing the first and most important step required when selling a product or service which is costing organisations heavily, with the loss of revenue and decrease in repeat business. (Read more…)

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Using networking events as a sales opportunity

Business networking meetingMost professionals know they must network in order to achieve long-term business success. 

I remember as far back as high school being told by my guidance counselor that I needed to “meet a lot of people and build a network.”  That was great advice back then and even better advice today. (Read more…)

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Sales Strategy: The future of selling

brain imageThe future of selling will see a new sales strategy emerging. This new strategy is called the “whole-brain” selling approach.

Anna Hoglund investigates how selling in the future will become much more professional. (Read more…)

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How to sell more by listening to the customer

two business men talking and listeningSell to the customer’s value expectations, not to your value propositions.

We’ve all heard the rule of listening to what the customer has to say, and there’s not a salesperson who thinks they don’t listen to the customer. Reality, however, is quite the opposite. I find time after time when I’m working with salespeople across any number of industries that the failure to listen is a huge issue. (Read more…)

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How to Develop A Proactive New Business Sales Team

business people stood on jigsaw piecesProactive, positive, consistent new business winners are the holy grail of any sales organisation. All of my clients have their own unique ways of motivating, managing and running their sales teams yet they all have problems from time keeping those teams on target and “up for it!”

In this article I am going to cover the core fundamentals of How to Develop a Proactive, New-Business Sales Team. These are the same strategies and techniques that I have used to help many of my clients explode their personal and their team’s sales. (Read more…)

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Phone sales techniques – Advance The Sale

Telephone Sales TechniquesHow to Sell More in Less Time – By Jim Domanski

There are only 4 outcomes to any sales situation: a sale, no sale, a continuance and an advance.

The first two outcomes are easy to comprehend. But the line between continuance and advance is the line between mediocre reps and immensely successful reps. If you’re interested in reducing the sales cycle, working on better qualified leads and generating more sales, pay attention.
(Read more…)

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The Elevator Pitch

Business people in a elevatorSo you’re on a train, queuing at the bank or perhaps even in a lift and you start talking to someone rather interesting. 

This person happens to be the major decision maker for a company you’d love to go after. (Read more…)

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