A range of ideas to help take your business up to the next level.

Top tips for young people starting up in business

Young person in Business

In the current climate it is tough for young people to get a job.  More and more people are using the opportunity to start out in business.

We asked a couple of seasoned campaigners for their tips for starting in business. (Read more…)

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Top tips for planning team-building events

team of sky divers

Team-building events are not only great tools to help build and develop relationships between colleagues, but they are also extremely valuable when it comes to increasing employee motivation and rewarding staff, and they can also be used to reinforce a particular message. (Read more…)

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Business travel tips

Business Travel Tips

Here are a range of business travel tips to make your next trip easier and more productive.

(Read more…)

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How to make meetings more productive

meetingsIf you attend meetings at all regularly, the chances are that you want to make them more productive.

My personal dread is the huge meeting, with over a dozen participants. Typically, all of them want to justify their presence and have something to say. But meetings can certainly be made more productive.

Indeed, more than a third of Americans recently polled consider meetings to be “a complete waste of time”, according to California’s Meeting Solutions. (Read more…)

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Starting a small business

starting_upFor many of us it is a real dream – to start a small business – and yet for the unwary it is one that frequently can lead to financial disaster.

Business Helper looks at the key steps that you need to start and run a small business (Read more…)

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Business ideas

business ideasBusiness ideas

All businesses start with an idea – so how do you find the right business ideas?

We have listed a few ideas that could help you find the right business. (Read more…)

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Clean desk policy

Clean Desk PolicyWe have been looking around for an example of a good clean desk policy and had been unable to find one – so we wrote our own.

Here is an example that you can use. (Read more…)

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Test marketing – is your idea sound?

happy business personIs your small business idea sound?

Before you kick off your project it is probably worth checking whether your small business idea is sound.


Just as people will never tell you that your baby is ugly, you will seldom get an honest opinion on whether your business idea is sound. (Read more…)

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Marketing ideas

fingers with coloured stickers on themMarketing is the lifeblood of any small company. The initial success of your company, or its growth, will depend upon whether you can attract enough customers.

Here are some marketing ideas that could help your company to grow. (Read more…)

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Home business ideas

Home Business IdeasWe explore a range of ideas to help you set up a home working business.

Many of us dream about working from home and getting away from the daily 9-5 grind and long commuting time. For many of us it has been a way of freeing up our lifestyle and working in a more flexible way. (Read more…)

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